Soon Huat Heng Metal Industry
Avesta Welding
Avesta Welding offers a full range of products for stainless steel welding.
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248 SV
(Duplex & Super Duplex)
2304 , LDX 2101, 2205, 2507/P100
Austenitic Cr-Ni 308L, 308/308H
Stabilized austenitic Cr-Ni 347
Austenitic Cr-Ni-Mo 316L, 316/316H , 317L, SLR
Stabilized austenitic Cr-Ni-Mo 318
Fully austenitic 254 SFER, SKR, 904L, 383, P12, P625, P16, P54
Heat resisting 309, 310, 253 MA, 353 MA basic
Special types 307, 309L, P5, P7, P10 , P690
Flux Core Wires Filler Wires Electrodes Pickling Gel
Flux Core Wires   Filler Wires   Electrodes   Pickling Gel
Avesta 3D Range
Avesta Welding's new generation of covered electrodes.
Welder-friendly, all-round electrode
Avesta's 3D range has been specially developed for flexible welding in all common welding positions. Extremely good weldability; the arc is stable and weld pool and slag are extremely easy to control.